Not Sufficient Funds - Not Sufficient Funds, NSF, Insufficient Funds, ISF are the same message. NSF and ISF mean that at the time the check was presented to the account holder's bank, there were not enough funds in the account to pay the check or draft.

When a check is returned for NSF or ISF, the item can be re-deposited unless the front of the item is stamped DO NOT REDEPOSIT. 

Usually if an item is stamped DO NOT REDEPOSIT, the account number is also crossed out or punched out with a hole punch.

Some banks will allow up to two attempts, and may stamp the NSF check like this, indicating it is fine to make a second attempt.

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               - Not Sufficient Funds

               - Uncollected Funds Hold
               - Stop Payment
               - Closed Account
               - Unable to Locate Account
               -  Frozen Account
               - Refer to Maker
               - Not Authorized


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